Donate Items

Deliveries: Call for donation times. (612) 870-9617

Please do not send deliveries on Thursday. Saturday delivery available, call to schedule. Please come to the side door on the east side (in parking lot).  Call ahead to arrange the delivery of truck size loads.

Address for deliveries:
Marie Sandvik Center
1112 East Franklin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Most Needed Year-Round

Linens: Quilts and sheets for all bed sizes, pillowcases, blankets, bath towels, dish towels and tablecloths.

Baby Layette Articles: New and used baby shirts, cloth and disposable diapers, bottles, sleepers, outer garments, quilts, toilet articles, receiving blankets, booties and sweaters.

Housewares: Pots n’ pans, silverware, dishes, glasses, cups, can openers and cooking utensils.

Food: We serve meals six days a week plus distribute large food bags for the needy. Canned goods- (soups, fruits, vegetables), peanut butter, jelly, meat, sugar, coffee, flour, cake mixes, cookies & eggs.

Additional items: dish soap, powdered laundry detergent, toilet paper, soap, Similac Baby Formula, feminine care products, diapers (all sizes) and baby wipes.

Extended and plus-size men’s and women’s clothing.

 Needed According to Season

Children’s Clothes: Shoes, coats, jackets and boots of all sizes.

Men’s and Women’s Clothes: Shoes, Boots and coats

Big White Bag Party

Gift needed for ages 5-14: large games and toys, mittens, hats, Christian toys, books or music, school supplies, footballs and basketballs.

Shoe Box Gift Needs List

General needs for ages infants and up: health kits, school supplies, small toys, Christian toys, books or music, hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, socks, underwear, combs, brushes, tooth paste, tooth brushes, beauty aids, baby boy mittens, small fleece blankets, children’s tooth brushes, baby soap, sippy-cups, small baby hand-held toys (rattles, squeaky toys…) and Beanie Babies or Beanie Boos.

Women’s needs: small dish washing & cleaning articles, small towels, gloves

Men’s needs: gloves, socks, hats, personal care products.

Please purchase items that are non-violent, no guns, do not promote magic or immodest attire (dolls in particular).

We also do not distribute Santa Clause, Disney, Harry Potter, High-School Musical, Sponge Bob, Monster High, Pokemon/anime or occult/monster toys, coloring books or trading cards.

We prefer to distribute Veggie-Tales, BibleMan, Hot Wheels, play-dough, jump ropes, Bible-based and Christian coloring and picture books.

We usually are in great need for baby boy items, teen and men’s gifts, please remember them.

Please use only regular size shoe boxes, no boot boxes, no food, no clothing and no over-sized plastic bins. Thank you.